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Jewellery Insurance

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Jewellery Insurance helps secure jewellery purchases from theft, burglary, robbery, chain-snatching, loss due to accident or fire.

Like any insurance, the value of your jewellery can be covered by paying an annual premium. The cover is valid for time premium has been paid. In case of any mishap during this period, customers will be guided on how to go about the claim procedure.

Jewellery is bought from hard-earned money as an investment, for weddings, as retirement savings and each person’s relationship with jewellery is special and unique. It is important that this investment is relished and appreciated, than kept in a locker out of fear.

With the right Jewellery Insurance, there is no reason to fear and customers get one more reason to buy jewellery.

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What is

JewelAssure is a service by Kataria Group that helps jewellery buyers (retail customers) insure their jewellery against any loss due to theft, fire, accident, burglary or chain-snatching.

Who is it for?

JewelAssure is for jewellers (sellers) and their customers (jewellery buyers).

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About Us

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The Kataria Group has been insuring jewellery businesses for over 15 years. We take pride in protecting the interest of the jewellery industry and are thankful to the community for making us such an integral part of their business.

With the Group has now ventured into securing investments and precious belongings, primarily jewellery owned by individuals. We believe that the jewellery industry exists for one person – the customer. It is important that we safeguard the customers’ interest and help jewellers carry forward the relationship even after a sale.

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