Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried and covered most of the questions in this series; however in case you have some doubts not covered, then feel free to contact us.

What is JewelAssure.com?

JewelAssure is a service by Kataria Group that helps jewellery buyers (retail customers) insure their jewellery against any loss due to theft, fire, accident, burglary or chain-snatching.

Who is it for?

JewelAssure is for jewellers (sellers) and their customers (jewellery buyers).

How does it work?

  1. Jewellers buy bulk insurance from JewelAssure – and pay upfront premium
  2. At the time of sale, jewellers offer customers insurance for their purchase – at same, higher or lower premium – depending on their relationship with customer
  3. An insurance policy is issued on-the-spot using JewelAssure mobile app or website
  4. Customer’s jewellery purchase is covered against mentioned risks for one year, after which premium amount can be re-paid to extend insurance
  5. At the time of loss, customer needs to lodge an FIR with police and contact JewelAssure team immediately
  6. After thorough scrutiny of facts and documents, insured amount will be released to jeweller and customer can make same or equivalent purchase again

What does the insurance cover?

JewelAssure covers On-Body and In-House loss

  1. On-Body Loss is applicable to anyone in the family wearing the jewellery e.g. Chain-snatching, robbery – anywhere in India
  2. In-House Loss is valid at authorized residence mentioned on insurance certificate e.g. Burglary, fire – at address mentioned in FIR and insurance certificate

What are benefits for the jeweller?

  1. Give customers more than just jewellery – help secure their interest
  2. Stand out in a crowded market by offering something new and unique
  3. Buy coverage in bulk by paying premium upfront in slabs as required
  4. Jewellers can recover premium from customers at time of sale
    • Jewellers can offer insurance free of cost and bear the cost of premium for certain valued customers
    • Or Jewellers can charge a higher premium from customers in return for their additional efforts
  5. Check premium balance at any time
  6. Prompt service from Kataria Group
  7. Customers revisit store at time of insurance renewal
  8. Minimum documentation at time of sale / issuing policy
  9. There is little or no involvement of Jeweller at the time of loss or claim settlement
  10. Claim amount is transferred to jewellery. Hence, customers come back to same shop to purchase jewellery of equivalent amount resulting in repeat customers

What are benefits for the jeweller buyer / customer?

  1. Their purchase is insured even before they walk out of the jewellery shop
  2. Free to wear jewellery instead of keeping it in locker out of fear
  3. Applicable for any family member, anywhere in India
  4. Get insurance certificate on email and SMS update when relevant
  5. Assistance from JewelAssure at time of insurance renewal
  6. Complete assistance at time of claim

Where can I buy it?

Jewellers can contact their Kataria Jewellery Insurance representative for more details. Get On-Site or On-Call Assistance: app-installation, demo and service.

What happens at the time of loss by customer?

At the time of loss of jewellery by customer, the following need to be done by the customer – without any involvement of jeweller:

  1. Copy of FIR from local police station
  2. Invoice of jewellery purchase
  3. Insurance certificate or SMS